Re: NJ-QRP Sponsors SS Awards


From: George Gingell (
Date: Sat Sep 27 1997 - 10:54:10 EDT

Don't be so sure of yourself lad :^)

Actually we are very pleased to hear that you guys are following our lead
and helping sponsor the Plaques this year. We (Maryland Milliwatt Club)
are also sponsoring two this year.

We are also "Sporting a new Club Call" "KB3BVG" Used for first time on

QRP ARCI NEN Net This Morning on 7.040 at 8 A.M. We invite all to join
us when they can. QRP NET EVERY SATURDAY Morning at 8:00 A.M. on 7.040

72 ES
QRP DX TU (C) 1986, G. Danny Gingell, "Danny"
Maryland Milliwatt Club Founder and Club Station Trustee - KB3BVG
Maryland Milliwatt Club QRP Reference Library, (301)572-6789
QRP ARCI Net Manager and Board of Director Member.

On Sat, 27 Sep 1997, Brian J Keegan wrote:

> Excellent! I won the Hudson Division QRP CW plaque last year. It was a
> great thrill but having to pay for it took some of the glow away. Actually
> my wife Ann, KB2YTL, paid for it. Still it would have ment more if it were
> sponsored because that would show that someone cared enough about QRP to
> but up some bucks in support. Which is what we're doing this year. Good
> show!
> George, I assume you'll be asking for NJ QRP members to contribute. Let me
> know what my share will be. That CW plaque is gonna look good next to last
> year's plaque...ha!
> Brian KF2HC
> NJ QRP #63
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