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From: Joe Gervais (
Date: Sat Sep 27 1997 - 04:38:28 EDT


Joel (WA1QVM) wrote:
> What is the 2 band (40/20 meter) wire antenna for portable use, i.e.
> backpacking, Field Day, Sprint, etc of choice these days?
> I would prefer to not have to use an antenna tuner, and have the
> antenna be 50 ohm coax feed. Best SWR should be at the standard QRP
> frequencies. I'm open to suggestion: loops, off center dipoles,
> strange G5RV configurations, what have you to suggest!

I'm partial to my fan dipole for my latest trips. With 20m/40m
elements, it also resonates on 15m just ducky if you get it at
the right height. Perfect for my little Sierra. Cecil (W6RCA?)
has a nifty method of ladderline stubs if you want to ditch the
tuner and coax in favor of lighter feedline. I've also been playing
around with raised verticals for backpacking - just need one tall
tree and 4 or so tie-off points, maybe 10 ft of coax, and you're
in business.

> [ what ever happened to wimps? ]

Most of us got married and lived happily ever after. ;-)

Cheers de AB7TT,

-Joe,, AZ ScQRPions (Phoenix)

"'Fraid nobody around here, understands my potato;
  Think I'm only a Spudboy, looking for a real tomato." -DEVO

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