Assistance on AC current measurement


From: C M Tyler (
Date: Sat Sep 27 1997 - 00:31:07 EDT

I apologize, for asking but I need some help.

The test consists of applying an AC 60Hz voltage to a transformer and
measuring the current. The current wave form through a 1 ohm resistor
with the transformer is not a sine wave. The waveform does not contain
any oscillation. The multi meter is reads true RMS up to a 5:1; RMS to
average. I drew the waveform on graph paper. Next used calculus to
determine the RMS value. (Only six sample points; where the line crossed
the gradient.) The value calculated was within 3% with the value

Have I missed anything?


After seeing the posting from the Bubba contest results. I apologize for
not sending my few contacts in!!

I am ready for the Fox.

Only if I hear and work him.

Mark Tyler
K5GQ/m Houston TX
QRP-L 794 ARRL VE since 85

I operate mobile hf cw on the way to and from work. 20M & 30M

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