Re: Projects for the winter


From: Bill Meahan (
Date: Sat Sep 13 1997 - 20:51:50 EDT

On 13 Sep 97 at 12:29, laura halliday wrote:

> I've been ruminating on some things and may have come up with
> an in-depth project for the winter - have a go at IF DSP. You
> can probably blame Future/Active for this, who cheerfully sold
> me an SD5400 quad D-MOS FET IC, the same as used in the front
> end of radios like the Watkins-Johnson HF-1000 and other very
> serious hardware.

The SD5400CY (16-pin SOIC) are now available from Tech America for
$3.99 (qty 1-9). (Who said they don't sell RF parts?)

Sounds like something I'd be interested in playing around with myself
-- assuming I get the current house renovation project done so I can
get into my shack/lab again ;-)

BTW anyone have comments on the "plug-and-play" frequency controller
in the current QST? Seems an _awful_ lot like the discussion Dave
Benson (NN1G) and I conducted on the list several months back. I
suspect strongly that the "Radio Adventures C7 control chip" is just
a pre-programmed PIC. Leaves me with the dilemma: take the easy way
out and by the RA kit or develop my own version (as I have been
*mentally* working on all summer).

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