17 meters !


From: Joel Malman (malman@BBN.COM)
Date: Sat Sep 13 1997 - 20:01:46 EDT


I turned on the QRP rig tonight at about 2330z and started to tune around
17 meters. I did not think I would hear anything as the football game on
channel 4 did not show anything unusual (around here, when 17m is open
channel 4 is really bad-news to watch). BTW: Notre Dame LOST!

I tuned around quickly. Only one station on the band. He sounded like a
local, on ground wave. I decided to give a listen to see if anyone would
answer his CQ's.

What I thought sounded like a local turned out the be JA3DMD/4 (18082.5
MHz) and he was working everyone! I wait my turn, he says QRZ, I send my
de WA1QVM. He says QVM? I send WA1QVM. He answers me. We exchange
reports, I tell him I'm QRP, he says 72. WOW. First QRP JA for me on 17
meters. Boy am I glad I turned the rig on!

It's 0000z and he is still working station after station.

I'm going to fill out a QSL card for this contact!

/joel wa1qvm malman@bbn.com Concord, Ma.
QRP-L 337, NORCAL 1884, QRP-ARCI 9305, et al.

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