QRP Plug Paddles


From: N8mgu@aol.com
Date: Sat Sep 13 1997 - 18:02:46 EDT

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to contact Steve Wroblewski, N6MSQ, for
the past 2 weeks. He is the author of the article on the QRP Plug Paddles in
the summer issue of QRPp. The article gives his e-mail address as
n6msq@ricochet.com. Does anyone know why this would not reach him? On the
off chance he is reading this list, I will copy my questions so he can reply
to me.
I read, with interest, your article in the Summer issue of QRPp concerning
the QRP Plug Paddles. I am quite intrigued. I have just finished constructing
a Tick-2 keyer and would like a light-weight (inexpensive) set of paddles to
match it. There is only one question:
           Most (if not all) paddles I have seen have adjustable action. By
this I mean the paddle tension and movement is adjustable for individual
feel. Do your paddles have the same feature, or are they fixed?

By-the-way, is the $20.00 price final, or are there additional charges, such
as tax and shipping? Also, can we request the material of the paddle handles
(I like the idea of Ebony)?
       Please respond as I would like to begin using my Tick-2 keyer with
something other than a straight key. Thanks. 73 de N8MGU
(Larry Mittman)


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