QSL card info ,,, THANKS!


From: Michael (MichaelN@cycat.com)
Date: Sat Sep 13 1997 - 14:06:18 EDT

I have received a flood on my request for QSL card info.

For my current, very low rate, QSL needs I am now printing
cards 4 at a time using MS Publisher97. I am using Avery
card stock which works well in my printer.
I always send the cards in envelopes so I am not so worried
about smearing.

I will be investigating other options and if my QSO rate goes
up I will have cards printed.

Thanks for all the responses!

I will be sending infividual answers as I have the time to
type them out. :-))

BTW The big push came because of a QSO I had on Aug 31 (Bubba day).
I worked a CA station (I'm in central FL) on 21.120. He was
very impressed that I was able to reach him with my 1 watt.
He was running 110 watts.
He sent me a card so I am sending one back. I always send back
QSL cards when I receive them, unless the sender tells me he doesn't
want a card back (rare). Even if I have to hand draw a card I will
I also sent in for the 1000 mile/watt award, I think he will get a
kick out of that.

michael N6CHV

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