Re: Software for QSL cards wanted


Date: Sat Sep 13 1997 - 12:48:20 EDT

        I use Print Artist Classic Ver. 3.0. It is on a CD. It will Make
signs, business cards, letterheads, certificates, greeting cards,
banners, postcards, calendars and a couple of other things.
If you are a Sam's Club member you can get it for $8.99, if not Wal-mart
has it for around $12.99. It is easier to use that the later and more
expensive versions of Print Artist
I usually use 110 lb. Canary color card stock at about 10.00 for 250
sheets at out local Staples Store. I don't QSL much so I only print what
I need, and also that way you can change the info on them as you change
gear or whatever. I do print on both sides of the card.
I use a HP-4L laser and a HP-820Cse Ink Jet.

Bud - KV7G

On Sat, 13 Sep 1997 00:31:25 -0400 Michael <> writes:
>Can anyone give me a pointer to software for the design and printing
>of QSL cards?
>I am using Win95 and a 300 DPI inkjet printer.
>73 de N6CHV

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