HB: Speaker/amplifier


From: Stephen M Smith (sigcom@juno.com)
Date: Sat Sep 13 1997 - 10:46:16 EDT


I was scrounging around in my junk box (read: garage) the other day and I
came across a gadget I had purchased from All Electronics (Van Nuys, CA)
a while back and I thought I would mention it to those who homebrew.

Their catalog #BB-1 or BB-2 is an electronic voice announcement device
apparently made for a sports game. It consists of a plastic housing,
approx. 2-1/2" square by 1-1/8" deep, with a 2" speaker (nice sized
magnet) and a circuit board with a 9 Volt battery connector. The circuit
board has a microprocessor and some other circuitry including a shock
sensing switch. When powered up, this thing obnoxiously screams either
"Touch Down!!" (BB-1) or "Slam Dunk!!" (BB-2) when the box is nudged,
actuating the shock switch.

Big deal, you say. Ahh yes, but for only $2.00 here's what you get: A
neat black plastic speaker housing with decent acoustics and a 2" speaker
with a nice sized magnet AND on the circuit board there is an audio power
amplifier using an LM386. And a 9 volt battery connector to boot.

Maybe this gadget could be used to house a keyer or small receiver or
transceiver. It also could be the basis of a signal tracer or utility
audio amplifier (just check the price of Radio Shack's utility amp.).
The audio amplifier circuitry could be isolated from the rest of the
circuitry on the p.c. board by some trace cutting or it could be
completely hacked from the board with a razor saw leaving you with an
audio amp. about 3/4" square.

Anyway, I was in All's store yesterday and they have plenty of them in
stock. Let us know if you come up with other ideas for using this thing.
<Usual Disclaimer>

Happy homebrewing.

73.......Steve, WB6TNL

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