Op amps and such


From: Gary L L Surrency (gsurrency@juno.com)
Date: Sat Sep 06 1997 - 19:19:29 EDT


There have been several messages about op amps and their characteristics,
etc. in response to the original e-mail I posted about substituting
TL082P for LM324N, etc.

Thanks for the technical info some of you have provided as feedback to
these devices. I appreciate it. I have a pretty good assortment of
devices I've built up over the years, and though I see if they were any
good or if they performed as well or better. Expermenting, you know.

Once again the sharp guys on this list have added to the overall
education of each of us - me included! So thanks to each of you who
responded for your time to answer these questions.

Now, where is that darn IC puller I had a minute ago? ;-) Lessee, there's
a LF353, and a MC1458, another NE5532, and a TL084P. So many parts and so
little time.


Gary Surrency
Chandler, AZ (Near Phoenix), QRP-L #571, AZ ScQRPions, ARRL VE

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