New 38 Special Enclosure/Shipping


From: doug hauff (
Date: Sat Sep 06 1997 - 18:34:07 EDT

In response to a number of requests (and because I wanted one for my #2 38S)
I have deceided to offer an alternative 38 Special Custom Enclosure. This
one has NO RIT labeling or switch hole on front panel; the RIT pot hole is
used for the Tick control switch and is labeled "TiCK". If you want the
Tick front panel instead of the RIT front panel, just specify a "Tick 38S
enclosure" when you order.

THE Tick front panel, notify me within the next two weeks and I can provide
you with the alternative front.

In any case, IF YOU HAVE ORDERED AN ENCLOSURE RECENTLY, there will be a few
more weeks delay before shipping; you will be receiving a card from me so
stating. The recent wave of new orders wiped out my stock, I am beginning a
new run next week.

The fabrication method I chose for the 38S box is rather involved: one
conventional and five CNC milling setup/operations, with deburring, second
operations, and inspection between each setup. After the fifth setup, the
enclosures are complete except for anodizing and front panel machining.
They are cleaned, inspected, and shipped to a plating company for anodizing.
After I get 'em back they go onto the CNC knee mill for front panel
machining, then get cleaned and then kitted. All the
machine operations have to be scheduled on my CNC Machining Center and knee
mill, which are both quite busy. I have been putting in about 80 hours a
week trying to keep up, so please be patient, I'll get these puppies out
just as quickly as I can.
The TOP SECRET project I have been spending considerable time one is
progressing well, which will also free up some time...

Thank you for your support!

73 Doug Hauff KE6RIE

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