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From: Bob Hightower (ki7mn@dancris.com)
Date: Sat Sep 06 1997 - 17:11:20 EDT

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>From: bertieh@dancris.com
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>Date: 97-09-06 11:18:08 EDT
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>>>Tnx Bob. How many did Bertie work (Bubbette) ? A suggestion; get Bertie to
>>>write it up, since Joe was receiving email messages about People being
>>>to participate because of the cw speeds & contest fears.
>>>Muchos Senor...
>Good Morning to all...After a rocky start on Sunday, finding batteries,
>cords, a fan (because it was HOT), Bob and I began what I thought was one of
>the most enjoyable afternoons we've had in a long time!
>Bob made the first few contacts and then I made a couple. I'm always
>nervous at the beginning because I'm afraid I'm going to make a horrible
>error...which I did, I couldn't even send my callsign the first contact..but
>with Bob's encouragement and helping decipher what was being sent, I got
>through it :-)
>I only made five contacts, of which two were practically in our backyard,
>but the four hours flew by. The other three contacts, one in NM, MN and TX
>were extremely patient and slowed their sending speed so that the "beginner"
>could get through the contact.
>Thank you to all those who responded, I had a lot of fun and look forward to
>future contests ;-)

Bob, KI7MN Chandler, AZ ScQRPion QRP-L #271, NorCal #1228, CQC #274, QRP
ARCI #8918, AK QRP #30, not in any order of importance.
33.334500N -111.87260W
WIMPS: QSO's=19 30=19 17=0 12=0 States=15/0/0 DX=0/0/0 QSL's=6

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