From: Frank, G3YCC. (
Date: Sat Sep 06 1997 - 13:36:43 EDT

Seems like all I do is build gear at the moment! I obtained the 14 Mhz
version of the SST (Simple Superhet Transceiver) from the States this
week and must say I am very impressed with the kit. The PCB is screen
printed and there are many solder-through holes. Every component fits on
the PCB and by this I mean evry component, i.e all controls, sockets,
LED etc, so there are NO EXTERNAL wires at all! A predrilled box is
supplied and there is no metal work to do! The size of the rig excluding
knobs is 3 3/4 x 3 1/4 x 1 3/8 inches and can be run from either 9 or
12v, the tuning is VXO and covers about 10 Khz. Mods are outlined for
experiments in the excellent documents.
The rig is made basically for 40 & 20m, CW only and produces 2W out.
I have no commercial interest in the kits, just passing on my views.

Frank, G3YCC GQRP Club 042
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