88-Special, anyone??


From: Jim W7LS (w7ls@brigadoon.com)
Date: Sat Sep 06 1997 - 02:46:18 EDT

Hi, gang. I have an unbuilt 38 Special and plan on putting it on 80 meters.
Digikey has a couple of standard crystals that will put it smack in the
novice band. 3712 to be exact. All we need to do is replace the 12 MHz IF
bfo and filter rocks with a 12.288 one and the 21 MHz VXO needs to move to
16 MHz. Both of these are standard (read that CHEAP) freqs. Need to goof
around <slap, slap> er, re-engineer the torroids and the output filter, too.
        Anyone done the conversion, yet? Am I to be the pioneer, here? Of
course, you all know what happened to most of the pioneers..... Ended up
face down in the mud with an arrow in their back... Dang. Another
politically incorrect utterance. Have to work on that....
        .73 (73 down 20 dB) de Jim, W7LS/QRPp/p

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