Homebrew Sprint and OHR-400


From: Joseph Trombino jr (joebarb@wilmington.net)
Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 10:55:34 EDT

Hello Gang: Was fortunate enough to get my new OHR-400 built and aligned
with some time still left in the ARCI Homebrew Sprint. The OHR-400 came
right up after applying power (I am not usually so lucky) and the alignment
went smoothly. 40 meters was really crowded so switched to 20 meters and
worked about 15 QSOS there. What a hot receiver in the OHR-400 --QSK is
smooth and thump-free --the audio filter makes signals seem to jump out at
you. Dick at OHR said he still had some of these rigs left (I guess I was
lucky to get one). I have built several QRP kits over the years and this
rig is easily the best of the lot. I guess I should throw in the
obligatory disclaimer--I have no financial relationship with OHR ( except
for spending money buying kits!!!)--just a very satisfied customer. I
believe this radio will be a classic some day.

                                        Cheers and 72/73, Joe W2KJ
                                        A.R.C.I., MI clubs


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