Re: Crap antennas & zip cord thread or wire or something


Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 06:43:43 EDT


In a message dated 97-07-15 16:26:50 EDT, (Vic Rosenthal)
writes: 50 feet long? What kind of elitist are you? I buried a hamstick in
my back yard, fed with zip cord."

Hell, I went one better than that! First I cut the wire to the wrong length,
hooked it up to the ARK30, tuned it up on the Rainbow bridge &c tuner and
then went out with a hatchet and cut it (the antenna) up into small pieces
which I then diligently collected and burned. Then I took the burned parts
and put 'em in the garden next to the poison ivy. Then I got out the
black-powder pistol, loaded it and shot at the pieces of buried, chopped up
and burned antenna wire. Then I shoveled in some lime and mercury oxide and
set a big fire of carpenter-ant-infested logs on top of the spot.

Then I went back to the ARK30 and had a QSO with a guy in Chile.

You shoulda been there. Them crazy hippies. Can we go back to real stuff now
(knowing that I am the last person anyone would expect to be asking that
question at all, if ever)?

  . . . and then I got hit by lightning 'cause I didn't put a knot in the
wire what was buried and shot at and everything. . .

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