Re: Very Low Power/SCS PTC-II


Date: Tue Jul 15 1997 - 19:00:05 EDT

Now this is getting to the interesting part. But before I stick my nose in
the badger hole, let me get this straight (not a key) . . .

There are some folks doing some sort of marginal signal digital work around
the 1.75 km band. I suspect that Pactor II is a similar arrangement. If so,
this would mean that real QRP (and not the truest of pure QRPs, which can
only be attained by OT3 levels and above, personally secchecked by L.Ron
Hubbard himself, in any number of incarnations) would work neat here.

And all this time I've hated digital 'cause I couldn't afford it. What a

Now I can get wacko about another mode besides CW at QRP levels and fill out
a petition and vote and still have a good time. Without any money left for
Dayton '98, the last Hamvention that this green planet of the clocks will
ever see (as any good, "Bob" fearin,' Xist-fightin' SubGenius should know).

Hmmm . . . But all I've got are CW rigs. Somehow I smell a marketing ploy
here. Too bad I'm half-wacked enough to be interested.

Let the interrogations begin!


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