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From: Chuck Adams (
Date: Mon Jul 14 1997 - 23:24:27 EDT


Thanks to Paul WA9PWP for the spelling of the town in MI.

I was looking through Dave Ingram's book "Keys, Keys, Keys"
published by CQ Communications, Inc with copyright date of 1991.
On page 46 is two photos of the key called Signal Electric's
Number 2 Key. Dave gives manufacturing date of "early 1900s".

Can't tell from photo done by W2GDV, but my key may be in
better shape. I'll put a photo on the web page in the
code course section sometime this week.

Oh, name of town was/is Menominee, MI.

Now for the trivia buffs. I'm looking at the Speed-X photo on
page 20 and I personally think that the straight key shown in
1-24(A) is a clone or copy or licensed version of the same
thing. Anyone have a clue?

On the way home I stopped at Radio Shack. The low priced ($24.99)
version of a pocket digital multimeter had an immediate response
to the continuity beep on closure of the leads. So Marshall's post
that some digital meters may delay startup is true but does not
seem to apply to the R/S multimeter that I examined.

R/S does not carry straight keys or buzzers either. Yet another
project to work on...... :-)


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