RE: QRP++ front end overload


From: Larry East (
Date: Mon Jul 14 1997 - 18:43:57 EDT

>From a recent post by Jeff, AC4HF:

>I have heard mention of a modification to the QRP++ to make it so
>that the receiver doesn't get overloaded. Lately my QRP++ seems to
>be really overloaded.. .thinking it needs therapy.

I doubt very seriously if the "front end" is overloading. The problem is
most likely the IF limiter -- this causes real problems when the SCAF is set
narrower than the IF bandpass and a strong signal is within the IF bandpass
but not the SCAF bandpass. The result is similar to "overloading", but is
really due to the strong signal activating the IF limiter. See my article in
the July issue of the QRP Quarterly.

72, Larry W1HUE/7

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