RS $5 HT's


From: Jim A Norsworthy (
Date: Mon Jul 14 1997 - 18:04:14 EDT

Hi Gang,

        I have very alterior motives on this one. My 4 year-old twin boys
want some radios for their birthday. They already CQ into any mike that
they get a hold of, since our last year's vacation to Panama City, FL. I
have to keep the 2M in the truck turned off when they are with me or they
think that they should be calling DX, I think it was something that they
heard me say into the 10M mobile that I had borrowed for the FL. trip.

        Now for the punch line. What is the model number of these $5
talkies and I could probably buy a spare pair so they will have

72/73 es CUL de Jim KD4KZQ
QRP-L#1060 10-10#66171
"Less is really MORE" think about it

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