Re: ARCI Summer HB Sprint


From: Ed Loranger (
Date: Mon Jul 14 1997 - 17:35:52 EDT

About the member number issue: I'm very sorry about
those who worked me, we6w and I gave power output. Don't
know my ARCI Number still.

Some of you remember my attempt to get my ARCI/NORCAL etc.
numbers a few months back. Got the Norcal but got to
wait for an issue of QRPQ for the ARCI.

I got nothing heard on 80 and 15 Meters.
Quick Summary:
40 Meters AA7QU, K6YN, AB7TT
20 Meters:AB7TT, K6QWH, K9HD, KJ5MG, N7GS

Note: Thanks to N7GA for many repeats but QSB/QRN kept
hitting at the wrong time. Always got his 549 report
repeats but ARCI number killed everytime by QRN/QRM/QSB.

K6Yn was the only QRO at 50 Watts. We Had a nice 20 minute
rag chew since 40 was so quiet.

I hope WE6W sounded better with the keyer on 20 meters
than the straight key on 40 -- hi, hi. Joe knows, he's
my only double contact. AB7TT.

Tks all fer a nice contest!

-Ed Loranger

72/73 de we6w qrp es cw ONLY (From non-ham to extra in one day!)
HW-8;OHR-100, Pixie2, Johnson Viking II w/VFO.
QRP-L#1068/Norcal#2227/ARS#275/ARCI#???? grid CM88ok

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