Laurel Show and Tell 5-JUL-97


From: Chris Cartwright (
Date: Mon Jul 14 1997 - 11:18:22 EDT

I know this report is late, but better late than never I suppose. This
was my very first QRP Show and Tell and I have to say that I'll
definitely be finding my way there again. Any group meeting with a
bunch of QRP'ers stimulates the interest and recharges the batteries
in a number of ways. You get to see that you aren't the only one,
putting lots of hours in, on the projects that make this hobby so much
fun. And as always, it's an overall great learning experience.

Some in the group are good at operating, others specialize in construction,
and someone there is bound to have made a mistake you are about to make.
So whether your on the East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere in the
middle, get together with a group, be informal, have a good time. Most
of us have a enough pressure in our "real" lives, get out there and have
some fun! <soapbox off>

Hopefully all the pictures will be on a Homepage soon, most of the page
has been put together, just have to figure out how to make the jpg's
smaller so they aren't wider than the screen:) MD Milliwatters, I am
working on it!

As this was my first S&T I'm not sure if attendence was good or not. There
were about half a dozen of us that hung out most of the day, and several
that wandered by, looking at the toys. One of the nice things about
having this type of event in front of an Amateur Radio Store, is that
there is a whole lot less explaining to do. Most people can figure out
that you're hams, and that what's going on might just be something
they're interested in.

The S&T was held on July 5, 1997 in the parking lot of Maryland Radio
Center from 10AM until about 2PM. And as Mike put it, it was "Chaos and
QRP". The souls that were brave enough to put their call a sheet of paper
admitting they were there are:

KD3S - Jim Reid N3XRV - Chris Cartwright
WD3P - Larry Cahoon WA8MCQ - Mike Czuhajewski
WA4KAC - Walt Thomas W3EDZ - Bill Massey

I got there about 11:00 and things were pretty much in full swing. Mike
had covered the hood of his car with a blanket, and that became the table,
operating position, and focal point of the event. Behind Mike's car was
the "tailgating area". Several people brought freebees, there were
meters, cabinets, cases, power supplies, and some 460 Mhz TX boards.
Most of it was gone by the end of the day. I know Mike was happy for all
the new room in the trunk!

Walt brought his SST 40M and an EXTREMELY well built homebrew tuner. The
tuner allowed us to use the dipole on MRC's roof to play with all the
rigs. If you get a chance to see this tuner, take a look. I have an
OHR Explorer II that Walt built, and the workmanship is second to none.

Mike brought a 300mW 20M SSB rig bulit by Hal Bower WA5JAY, and a 4040
with a built in MFJ Tuner. I think Walt had the 4040 on the air through
his tuner. Mike also had some batteries, keys and such around. It's
tough to remember all the stuff that as spread out on the hood of the car.

Chris had an SST 30 along, and although it "didn't work" Walt managed to
get a 449 and 589 out of North Carolina with it. One of the QSO's was
with WB3GCK Craig, from the QRP-L list, who was on vacation. Chris later
got his first QSO on the SST with KK5PY/M on Rte 66 near Tulsa. Not bad
for a little one watt rig.

Several of us wandered in and out of MRC while we were there, and I'd like
to thank them for letting us fill up their parking lot for the day. The
MD Milliwatts have been "around" for the past nine years, or so I'm told.
Due to the strict application of fun, chaos, and QRP, it tough to pin down
who or how many MD Milliwatts there are. The meetings used to be held
indoors at the old MRC, but since moving to smaller quarters, the events
have to be held outside. Not bad, but I suppose in foul weather the
attendence would be down.

Hope to see you there next time. I know I'll be there...

-- Chris Cartwright, Technical Engineer | --
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