Re: 75W Category Proposal


From: Walter D Amos (
Date: Mon Jul 14 1997 - 09:38:02 EDT

Hi Ed:

I think qrp is qrp and you will water it down with 75 watts having any
kind of qrp tag. I have operated for years with my 100 w radio in contest
and find that with GOOD antennas I can work just about anyone I call. In
my qrp ( 5 watt ) operation I hear many guys in the qrp activity contests
that are VERY weak and I can NOT work them. Using these 25 dollar kit
radios that put out 200 mw is fun but not really communicating. I think
at the present time increasing the power will kill the bottom of the qrp
bunch that are new squeaky voiced kids with there sst rigs and 38s stuff.
At 5 watts the playing field is some what level but if you inject 75 watt
big signals onto 7.040 I think the milla watters will dry up and blow
away in the wind ................... :-))

BTW: I also have an ALPHA that is gathering a lot of dust bunnies

Walt K8CV

We're just a small sub-group of an eclectic corner of a dying hobby.....

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