QRP AField, Sept. 20, 1997


From: wa5whn@juno.com
Date: Mon Jul 14 1997 - 08:47:15 EDT


For the New England QRP AField, scheduled for Sept. 20, 1997, according
to W1CSB, a few of us will sneak back down to the site, mentioned in the
following URL;


and for a limited return engagement, we will set up
at that site, to work QRP stations, during the
"QRP AField" event. There will be certificates.
Numerous QRP stations had sent us email,
complaining that they could not get through during
the July 4th weekend. Well, round 2, same certificate,
different date. This will be only for the QRP contest.
Chances are we will be on 20 & 40 meters around
the QRP calling frequenices (7.040 MHz & 14.059 MHz).
Might even listen on 21.060 MHz too.

Oh, and we did not work any New Mexico Stations. We
had heard about that, on the return home, many times.
You may not believe this, but we did not work many Calif.
stations either.

Using my SST (20 meter version), with the narrow cw filter,
I would not have been able to sort out some of the
calls. We had a video camera with us. I had just replayed the
tape, and it's very interesting to listen to the pile ups, because
we still could not make out the calls. Essentially, a S-9+ noise
level of voices.

Remember, QRP only, this will not be a Special Event Station,
Been_There_Done_That, we will be hunting QRP contacts for
the New England QRP Club's "QRP AField". Certificates will be
available. There will probably be just the 2 of us (WA5WHN & W5BI),
at this site. Remember, contact W1CSB for the details about the
New England "QRP AField" on Sept. 20th, but, round 2, if You had
missed our July 4th Special Event Station, near Roswell, NM.

We're back... ;-) Offer void were prohibitied by law. ;-)

                                  72...Jay, WA5WHN DM65qd

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