The oldie but goodie double Marconi antenna


From: Rogerio Gonzaga (
Date: Mon Jul 14 1997 - 07:19:01 EDT

Hi, folks,

As I intend to be OH/CT1ETT/P/QRP next week, and I always had problems with
non-functioning aerials at the Hotel rooms, I decided to revive an old
solution - the folded Marconi.

I have bought an extensible fishing rod (abt 3.6 meters), and constructed
the folded Marconi with 300 ohms TV line (very hard to find in CT1', but I
had bought a reserve in Frisco, tks to Dave, W6EMD). Correcting for the
conduction velocity, I have cut it with about 4.25 meters, to cover the 20
meters band, shorting the distal end and connecting the proximal one to the
PL connector. As the different working conditions would probabily untune the
aerial, I have fed it through one of those small MFJ long-wire tuners, to
whish I had already adapted a 5.5 meters wire radial. To support the rod I
have adapted an old lamp support, to fix it to a table, window or the like.

I have tested the antenna in my garden, fixing it to a small wall (about 70
cm), with the radial among the flowers and the aerial rod slooping
directelly to my house, completelly burried between the three floors
building and trees. This set-up has been idealized to match the poor working
condx I expect while in /P. SP9 station has answered at the first call of my MFJ9020, running less
than 4 watts as I was powering it with a gell cell batery. I think it is
promising, isnīt it?

Try it please...

Best 72/73 de Roger, CT1ETT

Rogerio A. F. Gonzaga, MD, PhD
Surgical Professor at the Faculdade de Medicina do Porto - Portugal
Ex-Honorary Surgical Registrar at the Hammersmith Hospital - London, UK

Radio Amateur CT1ETT QTH Loc IN51re
G-QRP Club # 8673 ISWL # CT-20574 QRP-L #516 NorCal QRP Club # 2130

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