Re: SLV Antenna! Another alternative!


From: Jess Gypin (
Date: Wed Jun 25 1997 - 23:30:02 EDT

> The original SLV is easy -- the MMA coil is more difficult to
> homebrew (not impossible, just more difficult to replicate). Which
> is why MMA sells the coils ...

> Marty, KM7W


And it works just dandy! I have the MMA version of the SLV but I would
like to offer you another lower cost version of the same idea that costs
a lot less than $60.00 and is home brew. About the time MMA was working
on his coil ( and a beauty it is!) I came up with another idea. Not as
elegant, but works almost as well.

Take a peice of foam pipe insulation, the stuff that you put on refrig
pipes and others to keep them from freezing with about a 1 1/2 id. Spilt
it down the center and then slip this over the bottom section of the
pole. You will need about 2 feet of the insulation. Then wrap the bottom
of the pole with coil form wire, tinned wire, brass wire, copper wire,
what have you (14-16? gauge) at about 3 turns per inch. Then attach a
BNC or 259 connector to the bottom. Center goes to coil, ground to
radials. I will not expand on the idea here there are complete details
on how to build it on my web page at
You just then make a wire jumper with two alligator clips to to short
out parts of the coil for tuning. Pole will cost about 20 bux and the
wire and foam for the coil about 5 bux.
Let me know if there are others that would like more details. I have
done side by side comparisons in the fiels the the pole with my version
of the coil is only a bit down or equal depending on the band with the
MMA coil. The foam coil version is MUCH lighter and CHEAPER. I have also
done a side by side with the foam coil version and my GAP titan and
there is not much appreciable difference on 40-15 meters. About equal on
receive and about at most 1-2 S units on transmit, most of the time the
receiving station could not tell the difference on 30 and 40 meters.
There is a file on the web page that tells all about the comparison.

Jess N0TFI

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