From: David Kreinberg (
Date: Wed Jun 25 1997 - 15:30:24 EDT

> Rick wrote:
Philosophically though, your question is an extremely sad
commentary on how litigious and paranoid our society has
become. I'm not criticizing you at all, as I know you were
posing a serious question, but to think that anyone felt they
HAD to ask is such a stunning condemmnation of society's
inability or unwillingness to distinguish between real and
imagined wrongs. The founding fathers must be spinning in
their graves!

73, Rick (Born a couple hundred years too late.)
     Richard W. (Rick) Hadley
     W0FG - Life Member ARRL
     QRP-L #1019
     The Solutions Store, Ltd.
     Rick and Gang:
     Exactly my point! In this "spill coffee on your lap, and win
     a law suit" society, I'm skiddish to mention just about anyone's
     product or name. Not that the fine folks here who own businesses
     are that way inclined, but they need to protect themselves these
     days, and I understand that.
     My main point here was to cover my bases and be careful- for them
     and myself. Since my post, I have gotten several offers of
     flyers and product brochures from several companies. That is
     great and I think it will generalte a lot of interest.
     73 all,
     Dave NR3E/5

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