G5RV with 27ft Vertical Element


From: Cecil A Moore (Cecil_A_Moore@ccm.ch.intel.com)
Date: Wed Jun 25 1997 - 12:00:00 EDT

Just a quick report. I hung a 27ft vertical element off the end
of my G5RV length antenna last night. The results were better
than expected. I logged into MBOs in Utah, Washington, and Oregon
on PACTOR. Because of a null where a lobe was without the vertical
element, I couldn't log into a Texas MBO which means the radiation
pattern matches what is predicted by EZNEC. On 40m, my signal went
from S6 to S9+10dB at a friend's house 18 miles NW of me when I
added the vertical element. It works well. For those who missed
it yesterday, take a look at:


73, Cecil, W6RCA, OOTC

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