Re: SLV Antenna!


From: Marty Watt (
Date: Wed Jun 25 1997 - 11:29:13 EDT

On Wed, 25 Jun 1997 07:29:53 EDT, (WILLIAM A

>It's always going to cost you an arm and a leg if you get into that "buy
>this and buy that" mode. Think "build it myself". You need to buy some
>of the basic stuff that can't be routinely made in your garage like wire,
>pvc pipe, and the fishing pole, but you can assemble the antenna
>yourself from that point and save a bundle. That $60 coil with the
>sliding contact has less than $10 worth of material in it. The rest of
>the price you pay is for the convience of not having to build it
>You're young lad. Get into the habit of thinking "I can build that as
>good as he can".

A good QRP philosophy --

However, in this case, the coil form (PVC) also has the screwdriver
patter lathed into it, at 8 turns per inch ...

It still can be done, though, with simple wrapping. Keeping the
turns in place could be a problem, though.

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