DX on 30m w/ 5W & a crummy antoona


From: NilsBull@aol.com
Date: Sat Jun 21 1997 - 23:03:51 EDT


Every now and then I actually get on the air and have a couple QSOs. Like a
couple minutes ago (06220245Z) I got a 559 report out of HB0/HB9LEY on
10.1083 MHz (precisely) with the ARK30 that I finished giving its last tune
up yesterday. And a crummy antoona: two chunks of burned out projector motor
wire stapled to the rafters in the attic, fed with some old 300 TV twin-lead
that I got off some other pile of junk. Old reliable antoona tenner, of

A QSO like that -- after spending the previous tune-up times listening to OTs
and HAs and LUs and XEs and UQs &c -- makes my day. And confirms my previous
and long-held suspicion that I don't need those four 572Bs &c that are taking
up space in the outhouse radio shack.

I'm planning on sneaking the ARK30 & some antoona stuff into the Cub Scout
camp that young son Andy and I are going to be off to tomorrow afternoon.
Five days and four nights in the "wilderness." And a good radio, a solid
battery & something that looks like antenna. Oh, and the Eastern Bloc tank
key that I bought from Dick Pascoe at Dayton97.

Heee heee heeee.... Or, as Beavis might say . . . Heh heh heh . . . Heh heh
heh... thish is so cool.

 . . . now for the strawberry short cake & whip cream &c. . . right before I
put that picture of L. Ron Hubbard auditing a tomatoe on my wallpaper . . .
Heh heh heh . . .heh heh heh . .. .

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