Re: HP8640B Sig Gen


From: Zack Lau (
Date: Sat Jun 21 1997 - 08:48:33 EDT

Paul Harden wrote:
> We have a bunch of H-P 8640B's at the observatory for frequency
> references and signal generators on the test bench (along with the
> newer HP 8657's). Many of the lab tests I've done on QRP rigs and
> published here used the H-P 8640B. It's frequency range is darn
> near dc to light (well, 1 GHz) with output level variable from
> +20dBm to -145dBm. Also has various AM and FM modulation, etc.
> It is 17 inches wide (for table top or mounting in a 19" rack)
> and 5 inches or so tall. Built like a tank.

The ARRL Lab still uses a pair because of its low phase noise, though
it isn't computer controllable and doesn't cover the microwave bands.
The very latest synthesized signal generators have finally achieved
good phase noise performance, but are still very expensive. Anyone
interested in donating a Marconi 2041 so we can have a matched pair
of computer controllable low phase noise signal generators?

--Zack Lau W1VT

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