Re: Loop Skywire for QRP?


From: Stephen R. Yates (
Date: Sat Jun 14 1997 - 23:27:58 EDT wrote:
> Fellow QRP'ers,
> I am moving into a house the end of July and am looking forward to
> finally getting seriously on the air again! I have been nearly inactive,
> other than 2m, for nearly 7 years while in college.
> Does anyone out there have any knowledge or opinions of the Loop Skywire
> antenna? This antenna is decscribed in the ARRL Handbook as being a great
> multiband performer. I am thinking about building the 80M version which will
> work well on the ham bands between 3.5 & 30 Mhz, so the review claims.
> For those who don't know, it is a loop of wire 1 wavelength long on the
> lowest frequency you want to operate (3.5 MHz, in this case). You arrange it
> in a horizontal loop, as high as possible, with the loop containing as much
> area as possible (a circle would be ideal). You can feed it with either coax
> or open line (I intend to use open line, for power loss considerations) The
> antenna will operate on it's design frequency, and all harmonics.
> Any thoughts, comments?
> Joel, NF9K

   I haven't ever used that kind of antenna but given the description in
the ARRL Antenna Book and the way you plan to use it, I think it will
perform well for you with your use of open wire line. I suspect that the
antenna pattern may become complex at the higher frequencies with nulls
where you may not want them. I am skeptical about some of the technical
claims made in the book about the loop skywire that seem to contradict
antenna theory, but if it works, it works! If you have the real estate,
go for it. I would like to hear of a comparison between the loop
skywire and say, a resonant dipole cut for the same operating frequency
and at the same height. Good luck.

Steve, AA5TB

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