Re: ARRL's QST Back Issues on CD-ROM


From: Alan Slusher (
Date: Sat Jun 14 1997 - 20:58:36 EDT

Thanks to all who offered suggestions.

It turns out that the QST cd-rom installation programme creates a file in a
temporary subdirectory called ~ssetup, which it is supposed to delete (both
file and subdirectory) at the end of the process. Some of the installation
programmes on the cd-rom sets apparently work properly and eliminate the
file and folder, while some don't. If the warning appears during the
installation process for one of the QST sets

> > Warning
> > c:\windows\~ssetup directory already exists. Would you like to delete
> > Yes/No

access the subdirectory (\~ssetup) using the Windows Explorer, and drag
the single file in it to the trashbasket. If the message reappears
immediately, trash the ~ssetup folder as well.

The QRP-L saves the day again! Everything is now up and running.

Thanks, guys.

72/73 Alan 8P9BM

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