SST-40M On the Air


From: Steve Bornstein (
Date: Sat Jun 14 1997 - 03:47:30 EDT

G'day Gang,

Completed and tested my SST-40M rig in the wee hours. Rig tunes 7030 to
7039.9 with D4B installed. (Am going to move it up a bit with D4A). Output
power is about 2.5 watts with R10 at 120 ohms (Operating on 13.5v). Power
adjustment pot will adjust power down to nil. Phones audio is sufficient
(using Yaesu phones). Made first contact with WB4KKL in FL at 0620 hrs Z.
A nice haul from Columbus, OH. Sigs varied from initial 459 to 589. FL station
was troubled by static crashes. Painted enclosure by first spraying with zinc
chromate primer followed by black for enclosure halves and grey for front and
rear panels. I will report on further progress, but first impressions are all
positive. Assembly is a snap and manual is excellent. Given it's very small
size and minimal current draw the SST is an ideal take along rig.

73 DE K8IDN STEVE QRP-L 331, ARCI 9059, NORCAL 1717, MIQRP, FISTS 2441,
GQRP 8332, CQRP 1

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