Re: Need Better Field Day Logging Method


From: AE0Q V31RY (
Date: Sun Jun 01 1997 - 18:30:34 EDT

  AA0XI wrote:
>By the way-- computers aren't always perfect, either. I've seen
>many an occasion where with an "old and slow" computer and 1000 Q's
>in the log you can work them faster than the machine can dupe them!

  Ahh, that's the cool part of using 'CT' software for contest logging..
K1EA came up with some sort of revolutionary (so the magazine reviews say)
way of indexing the log file so that even with 4 or 5 thousand QSO's in a
log (big contest from the DX side!) dupes are checked almost instantaneously
even on a slow 286 or 386sx.. I haven't tried it on an XT a 4.77MHz, but
the program was developed when a lot of hams WERE still using them.. With
my 386sx-16 laptop and 1200 Q's in the log (CQWW contest from Belize), it
still checks dupes as fast as I hit the enter key..
   I'd love to have a new, faster, color laptop, but who can justify it when
the program is so fast on the old one!?

73 -- Glenn
"Remember, any tool can be the right tool!" Red Green

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