My new call (and DIS)


From: Graham Firth (
Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 15:51:52 EDT

Hi gang

I have now got my Extra call - it's AB7VN. I had thought about asking
for W3MFJ but I think I'm going to like the new one. It's almost
palindromic (on cw that is) and I can send it quicker than the G call.
Anyway, the W3 call is a general and now I've got the extra I feel the
need to show off!

To add my two pennyworth to the DIS discussion, I thought that the
hotel was better & cleaner this year, I think the guys who organise all
this should get our thanks & no hassle. Yes, it is expensive, yes they
charge extra where they can, but I bet all the other hotels would be as
bad if not worse. And we get the extra rooms free and all the other
perks - even though we couldn't have wine at the banquet (yes I'm still
smarting about that!).

So my vote is to stay, & to present all the poor unloved souls who
organise all this every year and then get all the earache afterwards
with a HUGE vote of thanks (and a medal!)

72/3 from the other side of the pond.

See you next year

(the free mint tin company)

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