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From: Randy Hargenrader (
Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 15:52:12 EDT

Run, don't walk to your mailbox and order your bound copies of
QRPp. Or, let your family know this would be a GREAT father's day
(Christmas, Easter, ...) gift. There's four volumes now that would
set you back about $45.00 but well worth the price. The amount of
info in these volumes is tremendous, not to mention the joy of just
reading about "historical" stuff. This is another Norcal "homerun".
Some examples:
*Plenty of charts and graphs for reference. (I'm adding these pages to
 my copy of Paul Hardens QRP reference book) Such as toroid winding,
 VFO L/C nomographs to name a couple.
*Mods and more mods to lots of popular rigs and details to the Norcal
*Hints and kinks of all types from construction practices to operation
*Schematics of Epi-this and Pixie-that and Regens and "Recipes for
 VFO's." (And you thought you couldn't cook!)
*I was impressed and suprised by the number and variation of
 construction items that were covered. From magnetic paddles to
 tuners (of all types) to frequency counters and more are here for
 the reading. Lots of great ideas to "borrow"!
I just had to "plug" these. Pardon the bandwidth.

73, (Sir)Randy WJ4P
Knightlites  QRP-L #296  ARCI #9152  1996 40-9er High Scorer

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