Re: SLV, Verticals, Etc.


From: Cecil A Moore (
Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 12:09:00 EDT

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>I am copying KK6MC and W6RCA on this posting in hopes they will gave
>favorable consideration to working as a team on this special project.
>de Dave, NF0R

Hi Dave, James and my argument was over 0.02 'S' units and was
primarily cerebral. You did ham radio a tremendous service by
introducing the SLV and the difference between the original
SLV and a very good 1/4wl fixed vertical is only one 'S' unit.
The problem with verticals compared to horizontals is the
vertical is omnidirectional, diluting its signal compared
to a horizontal. The earth is the enemy of verticals and must
be tamed and modified. The earth is the friend of horizontals
and increases the gain over free space.

The principles for enhancing verticals are well known:
Make the radiating section as long as possible up to 5/8wl.
Make any matching coil high Q, which precludes any insulation.
Use at least 16 1/4wl radials.
Place the coil as high on the element as possible.
Use a top-hat if possible.
Elevate the system if possible.

Above 20m, the SLV becomes longer than a 1/4wl so between 20m
and 10m, it is inductive and requires no coil. Instead, to
resonate, it requires a series capacitor which is much more
efficient than a coil. There is a length longer than 1/4wl
which will allow a series *capacitor* to give a perfect match
to either 50ohm or 75ohm coax.

I hope our esoteric argument didn't dim your enthusiasm. The
SLV is becoming to verticals what the G5RV is to horizontals,
i.e. famous.

I'll try to post the principles of monopoles along with graphics
on my web page just as soon as the alligators turn loose of me.

73, Cecil, W6RCA, OOTC

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