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From: PDouglas12@aol.com
Date: Wed May 28 1997 - 16:55:17 EDT


OK, I guess this is my day to use bandwidth for not exactly QRP but good
stuff, nonetheless. Sorry.

Those who spent any time with me at Dayton know I spent some time in the
market searching for a tool that is called a "pick-up" in catalogs like (?)
Mouser. These are generally plastic pen barrels with a plunger at the top
and three wire fingers that protrude from the place where the ballpoint would
be. They are perfect for picking up little nuts and screws that fall into
equipment, rigs, computers, etc. They are the perfect tool for starting
screws and nuts that hold circuit boards into tight cabinets. When you need
one, and your big fat fingers won't fit in there, you'll really appreciate
having one. These things come in computer tool kits, but they are hard to
find alone. I lost mine (three kids in my house, need I say more?) just
before Dayton. And I really missed it.

There were none to be found in Dayton--everyone said that "had them, but they
sold out." Ugh! Finally found a nice fella at Elenco (800 533 2441) named
Jim Cecchin who said to call him--they have them in stock back in Wheeling,
Il. So I did. They are $1.50 apiece, but shipping is 3 bucks. (Catch 22
again.) What the heck, to make it worthwhile, I bought myself five of these
things, so I will never go without again. When they came, I put one on the
tool bench and hid the other four. Oh, of course there is some risk that
 I'll forget where they are hidden when I lose the one that's out! Senility
is a terrible thing to taste.

Anyway, they are also perfect for picking up just the right resistor from the
jumble that falls out of a kit bag of parts, rather than playing pick-up
sticks with them.

They make metal barrelled pick-ups for more money (look in the catalogs) but
I figure the insulation on the plastic ones is a good thing, plus, when I
lose one of these, it will hurt less.


Preston WJ2V

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