Re: MTP3055E vs MTP3055EL


From: Dana H. Myers (myers@bigboy.West.Sun.COM)
Date: Wed May 28 1997 - 13:09:43 EDT

Paul, VE7CQK wrote:

> Just had a frustrating talk with a local supplier with whom I had placed
> an order for several mtp3055e some weeks ago, but somehow the order got
> messed up, so they are not available, but I can get some mtp3055el . As
> I understand it the only significant difference is that with the "e"
> the tab is insulated and with the "el" it is not, meaning I will need to
> use mica insulators etc. I am intending to use them in my qrp-plus and
> a couple of 38s. Can anyone tell me if there are other problems I am
> missing?

According to the Motorola data sheet, the MTP3055E is a standard TO-220
part with the tab attached the FET drain, it is *not* insulated.

I haven't looked at the MTP3055EL data sheet, but I'd tend to suspect this
is a part with a lower Vds drive requirement (perhaps designed to be driven
fully from 5V). From the few low-drive devices I've looked at, they tend
to have higher gate capacitances.

Dana K6JQ

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