38 Special how to "Zero-Beat" Question


From: Barry Keating (Barry.P.Keating.1@nd.edu)
Date: Wed May 28 1997 - 09:29:49 EDT

A question for you Norcal 38 Special experts:

        When I tune a signal on my 38s (especially a strong signal) I can
hear two images of the signal. One image is "higher" than the other (that
is, one image is at a higher frequency than the other image). Both signal
images seem to be "about" the same strength.

        I assume this is normal. Which signal should I tune to to
"zero-beat" the station before attempting a call?

        I've made a number of contacts with the 38s but I believe they were
made a bit haphazardly (i.e., I didn't know what I was doing, but the other
station heard me anyway)!

        Barry Keating

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