FS/WTB or Trade?


From: Brian K. Short (KE7GH@primenet.com)
Date: Sun May 25 1997 - 10:53:30 EDT

** FOR SALE **

Mirage B3016 30/160w 2m Amp $200 in Mirage box w/manual

FS: Brand New Microsoft Front Page '97 w/Bonus Pack
WWW publishing and much, much more! Full version,
*not* just the upgrade. New, box, manual, original
CDROM, registration card, etc. Surplus to my needs...$75
(eligible for $40 rebate if you own Office or other
 Microsoft software...)

*BRAND NEW* in the box, shrink wrap untouched.
Adaptec SlimSCSI PCMCIA to SCSI-2 Host Adapter.
Retail box, software, cable, etc etc. This is *THE*
PCMCIA SCSI adapter. Surplus to my needs, $85


** WTB ** Various V/UHF Transverters 50-2304Mhz and IF rigs

*WTB* Collector of older RTTY terminal units looking
for more to add to collection, including: Hal ST-5, ST-5000
other commercial or homebrew RTTY equipment

*WTB* Collector of older SSTV scan converters looking for
more to add to collection, including: Robot 400, 800 etc...
other commercial or homebrew SSTV equipment

Brian ke7gh@primenet.com >or< http://www.primenet.com/~ke7gh

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