Re: Wallpaper woes


From: L. B. Cebik (
Date: Sun May 25 1997 - 07:57:26 EDT

> But I find
> it very difficult to read your work online. The splotchy background makes
> it hard to read for me and so I feel compelled to download it and then
> read it.

John's observation is a good one, and I shall try to replace the "fur"
background with a "light paper" background this summer--on a time
available basis. Stark white as a background hurts my eyes in no
time flat. Since there is a good bit of good data on the web
relevant to amateur radio, perhaps the following interim tips may be
useful and not too much off target for the list.

Different computers and browsers give different strengths to wallpaper, as
it is called, making the same item easy screen reading on one machine and
difficult on another. If an item is important enough to keep, you can
separately save each graphic and then save the text file as a source file
in HTML--all to the same directory. Any text editor will let you change
or remove the <BG> line at the file top, changing the background to
something more readable for you. Then you can call up the file
(text/graphics) as a local file. (Netscape and MS Int Exp both allow

However, you may also want to go a step further, since Murphy's law says
that graphics will be set in a file so as to cause the greatest waste of
paper. You can call the source file into almost any word processor and
use it to strip the html codes, and to place and resize the graphics to
suit your needs--even stripping the file of merely decorative graphics.
Then it becomes a single file to print however you like--and to correct
typos etc. I have done this on Word Perfect and on Word with no
difficulties. If the .GIF or .JPG graphics bother your word processor, a
shareware program like Graphic Workshop provides conversion to a more
compatible format.

I know this is outside the normal boundaries of list topics, but hope it
aids in more efficient gathering and saving of some of the excellent info
available on the Web that is within the list topic boundaries. Marginal
stuff, of course, may not be worth the effort of conversion.



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