Dayton Report


From: Rich Dailey, KA8OKH (
Date: Wed May 21 1997 - 00:21:48 EDT

Had to miss the qrp festivities, but did get to check out Qrp ARCI and
the G-QRP booths. Outside, I picked up about 3 dozen SPRATs (in
binders), a G-QRP antenna book, and an older qrp notebook.
Good reading.
  Added a few new ones to my key collection. The Vibroplex straight
key is fantabulous. And an old spy key for the 38s... and a not-so-qrp
Icom hf.

Norcal at the G-QRP booth? 38s's for sale? Oh man, did I miss the boat.

Had lotsa fun, met old friends from a ways back, ka8ifb and ka8ddz (creeping
ever closer toward QCWA). Hope to meet more of you next year.

73 es always have fun... rich

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