first 30 meter contact


From: Mike W. Burger (mike@krypton.nmr.Hawaii.Edu)
Date: Sat Apr 19 1997 - 22:42:21 EDT

Got the module for my TenTec for 30 meters. Got my pitiful lanai wire
fitted out with some end loading coils to stretch it. Saturday morning
I tuned it up, and both 40 and 30 were DEAD, except, wait, one signal
on 30 meters calling CQ like crazy at 10.106 at about 22:20 Zulu with
a wierd callsign. By the time I got the TenTec hooked up he was buried
in JA's trying to work him. Turned out the call was K1NT/KH4 blasting
along faster than my confortable code speed, but he was giving everyone
a 5NN so how hard can it be? He answered me out of the pileup on the
second attempt! Then horrors, instead of just firing off the 5NN, he
stopped to ask a question. I send back an answer to what I thought I
copied and everything seemed fine. However, I did flash on that
scene from "Hunt for Red October" where the captain at the periscope
says "For all I know I could be sending him measurements on the playmate
of the month". Time for more practice. I just got RUFZ installed to
play with, very nice program. I also received an MFJ418 code tutor
module. Also very nice for practicing head copy.

Mike AH7R

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