QRPTTF now at T minus 6 days & counting.


From: Jay D Miller (wa5whn@juno.com)
Date: Sat Apr 19 1997 - 22:28:00 EDT


  W5BI, WB5LYJ & I will be operating on HF SSB (15, 20 & 40 meters) & CW
probably most of the time, for this event. I would like to collect some
of these commemorative QSL cards & certificates that are being offered
from some very unusal sites too. Could I find out what stations will be
offering these cards/certificates ? WOW ! a QRP Field Day and every
station is a special event station. Now there is a goal, WAS-QRP from all
strange & wierd sites, plus Canada too.

  There have been a rash of strange sitings, just south of Manzano, NM
(Remember that town from the news ? Former Heaven's Gate Hq. ) Any takers
from NM, for QRPTTF, at or near that site ?

  Is anyone, in New England, going to operate from Longfellow's Wayside
Inn (http://www.wayside.org), since that is where "The Headless Horseman"
had come to life, in a very imaginative mind ?

  BTW, if You hear a low freq. hum on a signal, from a NM station up near
Taos, NM ("Taos Hum"), that's normal. ;-)

                      From someone who is Abie-Normal...Jay, WA5WHN





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