Little Red Key


From: Robert D. Haslach (
Date: Sat Apr 19 1997 - 17:36:17 EDT

I have a nye straight key - m yfirst and steady friend - and an MFJ
iambic paddle for my Scout 555 and now the Little Red Key from G. Kost.
(dba the American Radio QRPKEY Mfg Co). When you see George at Dayton or
any hamfest, stop and chat and buy a key. Sweet little things! and very
well engineered. I saw him at Timonium a few weeks ago and eagerly did
both. Nice man, tolerant XYL, and good value product. I am waiting for
his new paddle, which he is developing while sitting in his lawn chair at
various hamfests.
The key has a nice form profile, good weight, good tension springs and
firm settings. I have glued it to my ARK-40 and will try it with my Scout
next time I'm mobile.
Just a little promotion of a nice guy and nice product.

Regards, N3FRT
Robert D. Haslach

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