ARCI Spring QSO Party


From: Bob Kellogg (
Date: Sat Apr 19 1997 - 15:31:48 EDT

Dear Peter, G3XJS,

Last evening I sat down and completed QSL cards to contacts made during the
Spring ARCI party. I'm working on W.A.S. and DXCC.

Afterward, I picked up the Spring issue of SPRAT which had just arrived.
While reading your column I noticed some familiar Calls. Sure enough, a
U.K. card I had just filled out was to G3XJS! You also mentioned OK1DZD,
one of my QSOs during the Fall ARCI Party.

Being able to picture the real people behind the calls is an exciting
dimension to Ham Radio, especially when those real people are in another
country. So thanks for adding that dimension to the ARCI contest.

My log includes G4UZE and G4ELZ as partials, because QSB got us before I
could copy their power or ARCI no. Perhaps you can let them know their
efforts were much appreciated, also.

Incidentally, I was using a NW20 rig with a G5RV at about 55 ft.

p.s. Got your message about the empty mailbox, so this is a repeat of the
earlier message. QTH is on my signature line.

Bob Kellogg, AE4IC, Greensboro, NC
Prolably, but not nececelery. - Benny Hill
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