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Date: Sat Apr 19 1997 - 10:31:04 EDT

Ok, I've been to a couple of the listers' homepages and have stared at their
stuff and thought "Gee, I wonder where I can find someone to scan these
pictures of revolutionaries?" before another shot of Scotish nerve medicine.

And then elder son Ian came by and gave me a quick brain-stuffing of HTML &c
info. (I am blessed -- seriously blessed -- to have marvelous sons... but
that's another story.) So, after weeks of rearranging and cutting and pasting
and scanning and scobbing, I have a home page series up and running. Or rup
and unning. Whatever.

Yes, pictures of my Argonaut station. Pictures of my friends and family.
Pictures of QSL cards, crystal sets, 1890-vintage platen presses, danger
signs, links to esoteric sites and sights. The usual 1.35 Mb clutter. Even a
PostModernist HomePage with a quote from William S. Burroughs.

<> is the starting point. Or slip to
<.../radio.htm> if you don't wanna see the goofy geezer &c.

Enjoy the quotes & tour.


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