SST XCVR UPDATE: field-test price good thru June 1


From: L.Svec,W.Burdick (
Date: Sat Apr 19 1997 - 01:17:32 EDT

Hi folks,

The SST kit will now be available at the field-test price ($69) until JUNE
1, 1997. The original deadline (May 1) was based on our estimate that QRPp
would come out in mid-March. Turned out to be a poor estimate. I
understand QRPp is due any day now by first-class mail, and with any luck
it will have a sticker on it somewhere that notes the new SST date. As
mentioned in the article, after June 1 the SST will be sold at the
Wilderness price of $85.

No need to send either me, Doug, or Jim any questions about the SST at this
point since you can read all about it in QRPp in a couple of days. Unless
of course you don't subscribe, which seems far-fetched :)

Someone mentioned that SST changes will be published in QRP Quarterly.
Well, I hadn't discussed this with anyone specifically, but you can be sure
that I'll publish any changes as widely as possible, including QQ if the
editor sees fit. I hope there won't be many changes to the stock unit, but
as usual I expect lots of great ideas to come out of the field test.

Bob Dyer, KD6VIO, at Wilderness Radio is still aiming to mail the first
kits around the end of May. To all who have ordered a kit prior to the
article appearing, thanks for your patience! Kits will be mailed out in
the order that the checks were received.

Wayne Burdick

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